9 billion people

In two hundred years we’ve gone from a world population of 1 billion people to 7 billion people.

We are an incredibly expansive species.  There is some truth in that age old saying from that famous film, that we can indeed be likened to a parasite, a virus.  Ever-spreading and ever-growing.

What will happen to us all?  What will happen to the Earth?  Will it fall through the fabric of space-time, piercing the sheet we so heavily lay upon?

Will the Earth’s crust collapse, in 2050, under the pressure of 9 billion pairs of feet, 18 billion feet.

If we all jumped in 2050, would 18 billion feet crack the outer shell of the Earth, like so much chocolate around a delicate soft centre…?

Let’s all jump.



Michael held Kris as close as he’d ever wish to hold someone before. She tired him but she wasn’t aware of doing that.  Michael moved a lock of hair away from the bridge of her nose, he gently tucked it behind her ear.  Kris coughed.  She shuddered from the cold, repelling as much numbness as possible.  It wasn’t working.  Michael looked up and noticed the faintest of lights.  He knew what was happening.  She breathed heavily.  He tightened his grip around her. They lay there, waiting.