devoid of a fuel.

Petrol tanks not full.  Empty gas towers.  Banks full of money.  Hearts void of love.

People interacting and communicating.  Friends Festival Part I came and went.  It wasn’t about anything more than people ‘being’, people extending hands to each other, shaking.

A journey happened recently, I went on a national rail service to a place I hadn’t been to in years; Nottingham.  At this point in my life I haven’t got an iPhone, I used to, but it was sold and actually I’ve realized the excess to which people rely on such devices.

I found myself asking whether or not I’d get lost, if so, how would I find my way without an iPhone, or some other phone-come-GPS device.

I figured out, quite quickly, the answer;

“Ask someone you fucking idiot.”


in testing…

I have a very good friend.  Would you like to meet him?

I think you’d get on with each other.  Like a house on fire, as they say.

Summer is here, almost, it’s like a creeping anti-Death ever-ready to pounce on us and burn us red.

My plant has new soil, it must be very happy.  Strange how plants only need CO2, water and good Earthy soil to survive.  It would be nice if sometimes we could change our ‘soil’.




Say them silently in the mirror, odd isn’t it?

damn, sell in this dress…

Words are funny things aren’t they?

Different languages with different characters, different meanings and different intonations.

A smidge of this language, a dash of that one, maybe a pinch of slang?

W  o  r  d  s  .

Even the space in-between words is interesting, how it breaks up a sentence; flowing to another, giving pause and stopping.  Continuing to exclaim!  Maybe even we should question them?

Q    u    e    s    t    i    o    n    .

Don’t for a second think that I think that I know words.  I don’t.  I just use them, like you and you, y  o  u and y  o  u, y    o   u and y    o    u…

“Damn, sell in this dress.”


We pay inordinate amounts of money to make our lives easier.  Why can’t we do things the hard way and instead figure things out for ourselves?

We can of course, it’s whether we choose to do so.  I don’t.  I learn things, I read up on things but if someone designs, produces and sells something that will make varying activities I take part in easier, then I’ll go for it.

That’s not to say we should.  Should we?

Someone, or maybe a film, once said that the hardest thing to do is often the right thing to do.  In the majority of cases, that may well be right.

Take a moment and learn something new, without having someone do it for you.