this new year…

It’s been an interesting year. Loss of a job. Gained a girlfriend. Split up with said girlfriend. A tribunal postponed three times. Several gadgets bought. Some music made and some times I can’t remember due to severe intoxication.

Either way 2012 will be something of a surprise year. Tribunal should hopefully be heard and with the evidence we have should be won too.

Writing in a short story competition.

Maybe my ex and I will get back together. Maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll just be friends eventually.

New gadgets might be bought.

A holiday may be taken.

Debts may be cleared.

It all depends on one thing.

2012 could be a very good year, a mediocre year or a year that hasn’t gone to ‘plan’.

I hope your new year goes to ‘plan’ and that you are happy with the surprises life will throw at you.

But remember; we can decide on the majority of which paths to choose and therefore, what surprises we may receive.

So go and take control of your life ladies and gents. Take control.


the Christmas run up

It’s been clear that this year is so very different to last year. Yet, nothing seems to have changed.

In fact, everything’s changed. New job. Alone. Court case going forward. New gadgets.

There’s only one person I want to be with this Christmas and unfortunately she may be with someone else, or at least be thinking about it. Or not. Many possibilities and many different takes on one scenario.

I know that the next few months are going to be difficult. They already have been. What’s a few more difficulties?

Apologies have been thrown around like confetti. But no marriage of hearts here.

Ease yourself into the words that come, because eventually, words will fail you. Fail us all.