this new year…

It’s been an interesting year. Loss of a job. Gained a girlfriend. Split up with said girlfriend. A tribunal postponed three times. Several gadgets bought. Some music made and some times I can’t remember due to severe intoxication.

Either way 2012 will be something of a surprise year. Tribunal should hopefully be heard and with the evidence we have should be won too.

Writing in a short story competition.

Maybe my ex and I will get back together. Maybe we won’t. Maybe we’ll just be friends eventually.

New gadgets might be bought.

A holiday may be taken.

Debts may be cleared.

It all depends on one thing.

2012 could be a very good year, a mediocre year or a year that hasn’t gone to ‘plan’.

I hope your new year goes to ‘plan’ and that you are happy with the surprises life will throw at you.

But remember; we can decide on the majority of which paths to choose and therefore, what surprises we may receive.

So go and take control of your life ladies and gents. Take control.

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