talking and listening

A flurry of words fall from the lips as we talked through the night.

A wandering mess home only to come out and talk more.

Such a lack of self esteem that cascades nothing more than pain.

I won’t apologise for being who I am and if I have hurt you, it was not intentional.

You will carry on being the people you choose to be.

Much like myself, I will follow suit and be who I am.

Thank you all for the words and your ears.

May they continue for many, many years.


9 months on. 9 months gone.

My soul is troubled by the over-oppressive views of this world we inhabit.

It shifts and courses through my body like a horrid serpent trying to escape.

There’s no value in the things we’ve exploited and the borrowing of others and their ears or minds.

Ultimately there is hope for good. A good that expands and explores niches we’ve so far forgotten.

Questions are asked all to easily. Lives intertwine all too simply and there’s nothing but words.

Please, in words that haven’t been written before; value yourself, big up that soul you have, farm your love.

two months on eh?

6 weeks until tribunal now. Still no word from their solicitors, the tribunal or my solicitor.

No news is good news? Will it be going ahead… Speculation, doesn’t get you anywhere.

I haven’t fallen out of love. Still hurts and although life trundles on, it still, hurts.

I don’t even know what to write about it all.

F2 + F2 = F5, refresh

Today I found out that in 4 months my tribunal case will be heard.

That’ll be 21 months after the fact.

Finally.  A finish line in sight.  Somewhere to head towards and albeit at a leisurely pace, it’s there, it’s final, it’s achievable.

Weights have been lifted recently.  Opportunities have been provided and the future is looking ever more positive.

There are still areas of my life I am not happy with, people I wish I was with and scenarios that will have forever changed the lanes of destiny.